Build healthy and strong boundaries with our online course! This online course consists of 5 video modules (each 1 hour long) with additional supporting tools and videos. Our breath is a powerful, healing tool that we all have access to. We forget just how supportive it is and many of us lose our connection with it. How often do you think about your breath? This is an opportunity to reconnect with your breath and strengthen your relationship with your inner self, so that you can show up in all your relationships as your authentic, confident and magical self.

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Below is a brief outline of what we will cover across the course (please note this might change ever so slightly!):

  • Week 1 - The Healing Power of Your Breath

  • Week 2 - The Breath & The Subconscious

  • Week 3 - Boundaries and Inner Relationships

  • Week 4 - Boundaries and Outer Relationships

  • Week 5 - Breath and Movement for Vitality

The investment for this 5-week course is £222.

Breathwork and boundaries are two things I am passionate about. I definitely don't claim to know it all, life is a journey after all and I am constantly learning and growing, particularly in the area of boundaries! But I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt so far along my personal journey. I suffered from severe anxiety and depression and spent the majority of my life breathing paradoxically / chest breathing. I felt disconnected from my breath, my emotions and body. I had unhealthy boundaries, which ranged from workaholicism, saying yes to everything, putting everyone elses needs ahead of my own - as many empaths do (we will go a lot deeper into this on the course). I wish I knew back then that powerful breathwork could relieve anxiety, depression, digestion issues, morning sickness, PMT - the list goes on - and that having healthier boundaries could reduce anxiety and depression and increase confidence.

And if you struggle with meditation, then breathwork is a great gateway to meditation. Breathwork IS meditation!

I might not be able to go back in time and share these techniques with my younger self but I can certainly share what I have studied and learned with my community, so that YOU can jump timelines.

Breathwork supports us in so many ways, here are just a few examples:

  • Increases vitality and energy

  • Reduces brain fog, promoting clarity and clear thinking

  • Induces a relaxed state and sense of calm

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Alleviates perimenopause and menopause symptoms

  • Strengthens abs

  • Reduces inflammation and muscle soreness in sports

  • Creates spaciousness in the mind to be aware of thoughts and patterns that do not serve you

During this class we will be focusing on how our breath can support us in our day to day life in our external relationships, as well as our most important relationship, our internal relationship with ourself. Create space with your breath and let it inspire you to create the life you want.

There will be journaling and playwork assignments set after each class. I was also be sharing a variety of fabulous Kundalini pranayam / breathwork techniques that have supported me and many of my clients.

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So much love,

Tuğçe x