I am a certified Divine Dragon Energy Healing Practitioner, which has been approved by the IICT, International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

People often look a bit confused, some even a little scared (!), when I mention I'm a Divine Dragon Energy Healing Practitioner, but there really is nothing scary about working with Dragon Energy!

Most people will be familiar with energy healing modalities like Reiki, Touch Therapy or Sound Healing. Some people will have heard of Angelic healing, others may have heard of Unicorn healing. These are all simply different frequencies that we are tapping or tuning into.

Divine Dragon Energy Healing is a high frequency energy healing modality, brought through by my beautiful teacher Aodaoin Hathaway, Founder of Dances With Dragons 

Unfortunately, our culture has given Dragon's a bit of a bad rap! They're not fire breathing beasts that they've been made out to be in the Western world. Similar to those beings of the angelic realm, Dragon's are a not 3rd dimensional beings, or present in our physical/material reality, i.e. we cannot physically touch them. They are energetic, of a different frequency, that we can tune into or attune to.

The Divine Dragons are a hugely supportive and loving group of Dragons, ready to support us on our healing journey's. They are straight talking, direct but hugely compassionate and have a lot of love towards us human 'doings', sorry a bit of Dragon humour!! They are here to support us on our journey back to ourselves, back to Nature and back to Mother Earth. They are here to guide and support us so that we may live our lives with fierce grace and compassion for ourselves, for each other and for Gaia. They are here to support us so we may unlearn deep programming and reconnect with ourselves, which at times can feel like a long and ardous journey. Look out for signs and synchroncities. They're always here to support those who are willing to do the work.

Home and property energy clearing: £88
This is a remote energy clearing for your home.
Includes: an audio recording of insights or guidance that came through during the clearing work.
Book here.

Divine Dragon Energy Healing Session: £222
1x 90 minute healing session, via Zoom or in person.
Includes: 1 week of what's app support (post the clearing), a short audio of insights and guidance around the area of your healing and a copy of the recording.
Book here.

Spring Clean Your Chakras with the Divine Dragons - SPRING SPECIAL!
3 sessions for the Price of 2...Only £444
Designed to clear and balance specific chakras.
3x 90 minute healing session, via Zoom or in person.
Includes: What's app support inbetween the sessions, short audio insights and guidance around the area of your healing and copies of the recordings.
Book here.

Book your sessions here, or contact me here, if you have any questions.

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