Breathing Techniques Intro Video

In this intro video I invite you all to join me on a short series of powerful breathing techniques to help reduce anxiety and stress, (other health benefits included too!)

Inspired by a Light Conversation with Dr Giam, the science of Kundalini and my own experiences, I have been guided to share a series of pranayama (breathing) techniques.  

These are short, easy and can be done anytime, anywhere and whenever you need and you definitely don’t have to be a meditation expert or a yogi to do them!

I've suffered from mental health issues at different stages in my life. I had depression during/post my university years and suffered from stress and severe anxiety in my corporate life. It took a long time for me to speak up about my anxiety as I didn’t even realise that it was anxiety until I shared what I was experiencing with a close friend.

I am really passionate about supporting people, so I truly hope that these simple, yet powerful techniques can help you get back on track, like they’ve helped me and many of my coaching clients. ❤️

Watch the intro video here.