Breathing Technique Video - Diaphragmatic Breathing (Belly Breathing)
Diaphragmatic Breathing, also known as, Belly Breathing.

I’m not sure when I learnt to breathe the 'wrong way', but it must have been at some point in my childhood. We’re all born belly breathing - just look at a baby! But I remember as a teenager always sucking my belly in.

Breathing from the chest, or paradoxical breathing, is when we suck in the belly on the inhale.  This isn’t healthy for us, it activates the sympathetic nervous system that causes stress, anxiety.

The good news is that we can all re-learn very quickly, with conscious breathing.

Step 1.
Bring your awareness to your breath.  
Put your hand on your belly, if it helps.
Step 2. Inhale - Push the Belly OUT
Step 3. Exhale - Pull the Belly IN towards your spine.
Step 4. Repeat the process.

This simple breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system so it calms and relaxes you. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety.
🌟Lowers Cortisol
🌟Reduces Stress and Anxiety
🌟Lowers Blood Pressure
🌟Slows Down Rate of Breathing
🌟Strengthens Diaphragm
🌟Energises and Increases Vitality

Bring your awareness to your breath, several times throughout the day, and belly breathing will shortly become your regular way of breathing.

I hope you enjoyed this video and leave your comments below if you found it helpful.