Breathing Technique Video #5
It continues to be a challenging time for many.  Whether it's juggling homeschooling with work, running a business, living alone and feeling isolated, or retired and missing grandchildren, we are all experiencing many emotions and some level of stress and anxiety.

I have been feeling the strain of homeschooling whilst trying to run my own business, but I was recently shown this breathing technique (or pranayama), by my beautiful teacher Guru Singh, during a live Kundalini University lecture and I just had to share it with everyone as it is so effective!!
So, I invite you to practice this wonderfully simple breathing technique to reduce anxiety, stress and fear! 

The benefits:
🌟Induces a state of calm, relaxation and balance
🌟Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
🌟Reduces stress, anxiety, anger and fear
🌟Calms an overactive mind
🌟Increases self awareness to reduce emotional reactivity
🌟Improves focus

It only takes 3 mins to feel the physiological and psychological benefits. Do this daily or multiple times a day (I certainly have been!)

Watch the video here.