Breathing Technique Video #3

This pranayama has instant effects and can soothe even the chattiest of minds. It is said to even help insomnia.

The exhale is extended, in relation to the inhale, (try exhaling for a count of 4 and inhaling a count of 2).  This extension calms the nervous system in particular around the brain and forehead. The humming vibrations soothe an anxious mind and calms an overactive nervous system.

If you want to take this pranayama to the next level, play around with the mudras. Some people find the gentle blocking of the ears triggering as it intensifies the sound.  

Avoid this if you're pregnant, have high blood pressure, chest pains, ear infection. If in any doubt, check with a Dr.  

Best to practice this technique on an empty stomach, which goes for most pranayama.

These pranayama techniques are short, easy and can be done anytime, anywhere and whenever you need and you definitely don’t have to be a meditation expert or a yogi to do them!

I am really passionate about supporting people, so I truly hope that these simple, yet powerful techniques can help you get back on track, like they’ve helped me and many of my coaching clients ❤️ 

Watch the video here.