Navigating Change

Are you navigating through change? An awakening, or midlife crisis (which I believe is a type of Spiritual Awakening), or menopause or looking to change career, or are you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed on how to navigate the changes ahead?

Life has a knack of putting us into situations or events that our 'human' self might find challenging or 'unfair'.  Becoming more self-aware or spiritually aware does not mean that these changes or challenges will go away - I don't have a magic wand for that - but what I can support you with is to learn how to navigate change and life's challenges, with more grace and ease.  

After our short time together you may also find that you are less triggered and less reactive to challenges and situations as you learn to ride challenges confidently and respond to change from a place of inner knowing.

Being a human being has it's challenges, but it is a beautiful ride when you learn how to ride the wave, and to laugh when you fall off, and to get back on again.

The benefits and results:

  • Raise and strengthen your Awareness and Intuition
  • Identify and release old programmes of victimhood and blame
  • A more holistic perspective of your life
  • A more regulated nervous system
  • A quieter inner critic and less wounded inner child
  • Stronger and healthier boundaries
  • A deeper connection to your inner GPS / intuition
  • Living in alignment with your values
  • Awareness of self-sabotage, self-doubt and self-imposed limitations programmes that are running in your subconscious  
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Living a more conscious and intentional life

What’s included in this 2.5 month programme: 

  • 5 x 60 minute Sessions 
  • Voxer Communication on Monday and Fridays only
  • Tasks to complete in between sessions


  • Recording of each session
  • Weekly guidance recorded messages in the form of a channelled reading or healing
  • How to Manage Your Energy Guide PDF
  • Kundalini 101 Guide and 40 Day practice PDF, complete with printable calendar and progress log

Length of Programme: 

  • 5 sessions spread across  2.5 months

Programme Investment:

  • £1,111
  • PIF or a two payment plan is available upon request
  • Book your free consultation here