Do you want to invite more joy, freedom and flow into your life? Perhaps you've done a lot of mindset work but you're still attracting the same situations and people into your life or you're still not manifesting what it is you deeply desire. Our old trauma stores itself in the body, whilst mindset work helps, it is only part of the solution. If you are looking to heal on a deeper level, release old patterns and habits keeping you stuck or holding you back, so that you can live your fullest and most authentic life, then maybe it's your time to... Connect with Your Mystical Mother and Awaken Your Magical Child Within.

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We all have a Mystical Mother within us, whether we are female or male. This is a loving, nurturing, tender, yet fierce, aspect of ourselves.  Connecting with our Mystical Mother (or Inner Parent) supports us to Reparent our Inner Child.  Reparenting is an important process we engage in when healing our Inner Child.

Many of you will already be aware of your Inner Child.  But for some of you, the concept of an Inner Child might be new to you and sound a bit 'new agey'.  However, the Inner Child is not a new concept, originally coined by Carl G. Jung, it has been around for about 100 years.

What you may not be aware of is that the Inner Child is always present.  If your Inner Child is carrying unhealed wounds, or hurts, your wounded Inner Child directs and, often (unintentionally), sabotages your life, thus directly impacting your future.

Signs Of A Wounded Inner Child

Some example of Inner Child wounds:

✨Feeling unworthy or not enough
✨Feeling guilty - feeling like you need to apologise all the time
✨Being a people pleaser
✨Being a hoarder
✨Driven to be a super-achiever
✨Being a rebel
✨Doing everything possible to avoid conflict
✨Being a perfectionist
✨Ashamed of your body
✨Uncomfortable expressing emotions
✨Having deep sense of distrust of anyone
✨Fear of abandonment
✨Feel guilty when setting boundaries
✨An active negative inner critic

What we will cover on our 5 week, Mystical Motherhood, journey...


Learn to self-reparent so that you can meet your emotional, physical and spiritual needs that went unmet as a child.  


Self-regulation has roots in childhood. Be equipped with somatic techniques to soothe and regulate your nervous system.


Unlearn old programmes and reprogramme with strategies and tools that will support you beyond this 5 week course.

Beyond, this 5 week Programme, you will:

✨ Be able to identify your triggers
✨ Become less reactive in situations when triggered
✨ Respond from a less wounded place
✨ Unlearn old patterns or programmes that have kept you safe
✨ Be more confident by learning to reparent your Inner Child
✨ Feel more in control of your life
✨ Have tools and techniques to self-soothe and regulate your nervous system
✨ Have practices to continue to strengthen your muscle of awareness
✨ Welcome more joy, fun and creativity into your life!

Awaken the Mystical Mother Within


We all have an Inner Mother, whether we are male or female.  You can think of this aspect as our Inner Parent, which I call the Mystical Mother.  She is a part of us that connects us to Source energy.  She is loving, compassionate, tender, yet fierce.  Like the lioness, fearless and protective of her cubs.

Connecting with our Mystical Mother (or Inner Parent) supports us to Reparent our Inner Child.  Reparenting is an important process we engage in when healing our Inner Child, which, let's be honest, isn't straightforward or linear, and we often need a little bit of encouragement!

When we walk the healing path of Mystical Motherhood we activate our Magical Child, the creative aspect of our Inner Child, waiting within all of us to be re-awakened. 

A Powerful 5 Week Online Programme
We meet every Thursday - on Zoom - at 12:30pm (UK Time)

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