Replays to purchase of past classes. Today’s theme is Empowerment. We will be practising the Krya to Empower the Voice and Metabolise Life. I have paired this Krya with a mantra meditation to Find / Empower the Voice. In this Krya we will be working with our Parathyroid and Thyroid Glands and our Throat Chakra. What does it mean to Empower Our Voice? Your voice is like your iris, your fingerprint, your DNA, it is unique. Our voice gives us our authority. Kundalini Yoga is about self-authorising, being the author of your life. Giving yourself permission to express your voice to your authority - your opinions, beliefs, values, attitudes. Chanting is a vibration. Your unique voice is healing for your unique body constitution. Don’t worry about the actual words, focus on the sounds and vibration and elongating the exhale, which stimulates the PSNS and turns on the vagus nerve. In this krya we are working our whole body, you can imagine the body as an instrument and we are tuning it and warming it up, almost like scales. Join me in this beautiful yoga practice and mantra meditation.

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