Replays to purchase of past classes. Today's theme is Connection. This krya - Krya for Elevation - is designed to stimulate the higher glands, brain and nervous system and the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra Sahasrara, Thousand Petal lotus. Stimulating these glands and endocrine system and the 7th Chakra, helps us to connect to our higher self or higher power. We become open to the oneness that we are, improves our connectivity to others and nature and helps us see that we don’t have to judge others, even when their beliefs and opinions vary from ours. It allows us to take that higher perspective. It’s important that whilst we raise the kundalini energy to our higher chakras that we remain rooted and grounded to our lower chakras, to earth. The mantra meditation I have chosen today is Aapsa Haa Hoa, which helps us to go into the unknown without fear and releases energetic blocks. Join me in this beautiful yoga practice and mantra meditation.

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